Nancy Konipol NYNonProfit Welcome to the Whiteboard

Welcome to the Whiteboard

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Nancy Konipol NYNonProfit Welcome to the Whiteboard

Immediately after 9/11, I created NYNonProfit to help local nonprofits that were affected financially and by reduced visibility, in the aftermath of recent tragic events.

I met with nonprofit organizations daily, it was a vetting process that could only happen eye to eye.

As the number of nonprofits I engaged with increased, I began to host NYNonProfit meetings which encouraged nonprofits, foundations and politicians to work together.

In 2008, I gave up active control to a 3rd party.

However, I had always anticipated re-engaging. I missed the connection to the community, to the people and to the wonderful work they and their organizations do.

So, I have brought it back as a brand new organization.

NYNonProfit is not connected to any legacy – it is a white board.

We can work together to create the perfect organization:  How can we utilize technology to enhance efficiency and better help those we serve? What innovative programs can we collaborate on?

I hope we can create something unique. That is why it must start as a whiteboard.

I am bringing back NYNonProfit meetings beginning in March to foster collaboration between nonprofits. Accordingly, this site too will evolve quickly. Please pardon its appearance, I have kept it simple. It is under construction.

In the March meeting, we will focus on Workforce Development including returning Veterans, ex-offenders re-entering the workforce and other individuals who are facing barriers to employment.

We will have a special group of participants for this conversation about WorkForce. I expect their question to you will be: “How can I help?” so in advance of the meeting please consider your response.

I am delighted (and thrilled) that our first meeting will be co-hosted by the remarkable Ron Ries at his WeiserMazars office. Ron is a  long time friend and WeiserMazars is simply, impeccable.

I would love to hear your thoughts and hope to see you in March! I will be following up shortly with the date!

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